10 reasons why a hen weekend in Bath is best

19 Jan 2020 1 min read No comments Insider knowledge

Bath is the best place for your hen weekend for your party because

  1. It’s so small you don’t need cars to get around, which is really useful for groups
  2. The indie venues are hidden away but this means only the best groups find them (the rest are in Revs…)
  3. There is a huge about of choice accommodation-wise, hen houses are everywhere so you can find one which suits you
  4. The city is always so busy with tourists from around the world that whenever you come you’ll feel like your on holiday
  5. Bath is really quite pretty- even more so that you thought it would be (did we mention we’re a world heritage site?)
  6. The locals are all very friendly and approachable – yes it’s a small city but it can be easy to get lost
  7. If you have a need to get out into the countryside we’re super close to nature- with a number of great walks very close by
  8. We have a great number of quirky events throughout the year, many of them taking over the streets in a riot of colour
  9. There’s enough interesting corners that you can fill your insta full of shots that don’t look like every other influencer visiting Bath
  10. Did we mention it’s really really pretty? 

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