What is a hen masterclass and which one should you choose?

2 Feb 2020 0 min read No comments Masterclasses

Most hens who come to Bath want to do one or two hen party masterclasses, and it’s clear that it’s not just health and beauty sessions.  But given that there are venues and suppliers here who do over 200 different activities how do you choose the right one for your group?

Our first piece of advice is to look at broad activity type- many hen groups want to do one boozy session and one arty/making session.  Once you’ve figured this out, then make sure you contact a few venues- it’s fine to shop around!  Bath is a very small city so the majority of venue are within walking distance of each other but be careful to check- you don’t want to be booking Segway racing a minibus ride out of the city if you’ve then got a cocktail masterclass immiditely afterwards.