Ways to tell if Bridgerton is filming in Bath when you are visiting for your hen weekend

10 May 2023 2 min read No comments Insider knowledge

5 Signs That Bridgerton (or Another Georgian Epic) is Filming in Bath During Your Hen Weekend

If you’re planning a hen weekend in the beautiful city of Bath, you might just be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Bridgerton or another Georgian epic being filmed. Here are five signs to look out for during your visit.

1. Closed-off streets and film crews
One of the most obvious signs that something big is being filmed is closed-off streets and the presence of film crews. Bath is known for its authentic Georgian streets and buildings, making it a popular filming location for period dramas like Bridgerton. If you spot barriers restricting access to certain areas, chances are that they are being used as filming locations. Film crews can be seen setting up equipment, cameras, and lighting, as well as directing actors and extras to move around the set. Production vehicles such as trailers and trucks can also be spotted around the area. These signs give away that a significant film production is taking place in the city. It is a great opportunity for the public to catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes workings of the film industry and perhaps even catch a sighting of their favourite actors.

2. Period costumes and props on the streets
One clear sign that a Georgian-era production like Bridgerton is being filmed in Bath is the sudden appearance of actors in period costumes walking around the city. The elaborate dresses, stunning bonnets, and handsome waistcoats of the cast members would be hard to miss. In addition, you might also spot authentic-looking props like horse-drawn carriages, intricate parasols, and vintage street lamps adding to the historic ambiance.

3. Blocked off streets and unusual traffic diversions
During filming, certain streets and areas in Bath may be temporarily closed off to the public to create a controlled shooting environment. You may come across barriers and signs indicating that a specific area is closed for filming. Additionally, unusual traffic diversions may be implemented, guiding visitors and locals in a different direction to avoid interrupting the shoot.

4. Film crew and equipment in action
When a production like Bridgerton is in town, it’s not only the actors who are noticeable – sizable film crews with cameras, boom microphones, and lighting equipment will be bustling about as well. Keep an eye out for these busy professionals as they set up scenes, coordinate the cast, and capture the perfect shots for the show.

5. Local buzz and gossip about the filming
Word tends to spread quickly when a popular production like Bridgerton is shooting [1][2] in a local area. Residents and business owners become curious and eager to catch glimpses of the actors and sets. It’s not uncommon for paparazzi to join in on the excitement, hoping to capture exclusive shots of the behind-the-scenes action.

As a result, the local gossip and buzz surrounding the show can become quite intense. People will start sharing rumors and stories they’ve heard about the production, from which actors are causing drama on set to which locations will be used in the show. Social media becomes abuzz with speculation and excitement, and fans start flocking to the area in hopes of catching a glimpse of the action.

Despite the occasional disruptions and inconveniences that may come with hosting a big production, most locals are thrilled to see their community showcased on such a grand scale. The filming of Bridgerton has brought a new energy and excitement to the area, and residents are eager to see the final result on their screens.