Giggling squid in Bath – a restaurant review

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Discovering the Diverse Tastes at Giggling Squid, Bath

Giggling Squid, in the historic city of Bath, sparks a culinary revolution by successfully combining the traditional spices and flavors of Thai cuisine with the vibrant vibe of a modern restaurant. Let’s go on a gustatory trip to this enchanting destination, where every bite promises to be an irresistible affair.

Ambiance and Decor unlike any other

Approaching the crowd-pleasing Giggling Squid, one can’t help but notice the charming setting. The restaurant has been adorned with an aesthetically pleasing decor, comprising beautiful flower walls and oversized bird cages. This sight makes for an inviting spectacle and sets the stage for the culinary delights awaiting inside.

From the Heart of Bath to Your Plate

Nestled in the heart of Bath, England, at Bluecoat House, Saw Cl, this restaurant serves up a menu that caters to diverse tastes and diets. Reviewers frequently mention the Giggling Squid for its enchanting variety of dishes. The warmth of Thai hospitality merges seamlessly with the infectious giggling environment, thereby adding a unique charm to the overall dining experience.

An Epicurean’s Delight

Among the wide range of items on offer, their rice popcorn ice cream gets a special mention. Patrons hail it as an exquisite delicacy. They vouch for its delightful taste, stating that they were left impressed by this inventive and tantalizing offering. However, that’s far from being the only star on the menu. One can choose from a selection of scrumptious dishes that promise to satiate their Thai food cravings.

All-embracing Service and Features

The Giggling Squid, Bath believes in providing a wholesome experience to its customers. In addition to the dine-in option, they also offer takeaway, booking convenience, and delivery services. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and also features outdoor seating, lending it a comfortable and accommodating atmosphere for all visitors.

Given the detailed insights of the restaurant‚ it’s no surprise that Giggling Squid, Bath has been a go-to spot for Thai cuisine lovers. With an enticing menu, warm ambiance, and friendly service, it promises a dining experience worth remembering.[1][2]

Atmosphere and Decor at Giggling Squid

When you step into a Giggling Squid restaurant, it’s like stepping into a haven of Thai delight. The atmosphere instantly transports you to Thailand, offering a much-desired break from the usual day-to-day hustle.

Creating an Inviting and Romantic Ambience at Giggling Squid

The first thing you’ll notice is the design; it is truly a feast for the eyes. There’s so much to take in at first glance, with intricate details being notably Thai and incredibly inviting. In particular, the Giggling Squid in Bath is unique for its dedicated lounge and bar area. This spot is perfect for relishing street food-style snacks while sipping on some carefully curated cocktails.

Everything, from the warm lighting to the perfectly placed decors, welds together to create an intimate and comfortable ambiance. Each Giggling Squid branch, like the one in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, emanates its own distinct vibe. You’ll feel right at home with its friendly aura, swift service, and polite staff.

Tasting Thai Delights at Giggling Squid

But, of course, the main attraction at the Giggling Squid is the food, bringing an array of Thai flavors that excite and delight the taste buds. Be it lunch or dinner, any time spent here is bound to be memorable. Lily-May, in her review, definitely vouches for this.

If you’re a vegetarian, don’t fret. Giggling Squid caters to different tastes and diets, ensuring everyone has a fair chance at enjoying their vast menu selections. A must-try is the Vegetable Massaman curry with Jasmine rice – a rich and flavorful dish that just cannot be missed.

Not Always Rainbows

However, Giggling Squid is not without its blips. Some patrons, particularly from Winchester, have had less than enjoyable experiences. But, this is not reflective of all the branch experiences and should not discourage potential patrons.

All in all, every visit to Giggling Squid offers something different and exciting, making every experience a unique one. The ambiance, the food, and the service fuse harmoniously to create a delightful Thai experience that you’d be glad you’ve tried.


The Food at Giggling Squid

Stepping into the Giggling Squid restaurant is a feast for the senses. Tropical aromas permeate the air and the vibrant decor emulates the rhythm of freshly prepared Thai food. The restaurants are known for their exceptional ambiance and hospitality, but what really sets them apart is the appetising menu.

Exploring the Staggeringly Good Thai Menu at Giggling Squid

Each dish on the Giggling Squid menu is artistically crafted, not only to excite the taste buds but also to visually please the eyes. The selection of dishes is impressive, ranging from flavourful curries to crispy, fried appetisers. Vegetarians are not left behind either; the Vegetarian Massaman Curry, served with Jasmine rice, is highly recognised as a mouthwatering delight.

The food served at all Giggling Squid branches, such as those in Bath and Tunbridge Wells, are praised for their diverse flavours and well-balanced spice levels. Every dish is packed with traditional Thai ingredients, ensuring that each mouthful is a burst of original Thai flavours.

While not every visit may be perfect with few reported glitches, the overall dining experience at Giggling Squid is largely positive. Their ability to twin the authentic Thai flavors with a friendly environment and swift service guarantees a memorable dining experience. As one explores the offerings of the Giggling Squid, they not only get to satiate their hunger but also get an incredible immersion into Thai culture and cuisine.

Remember, while the Giggling Squid may be an experience suited for most, the beauty of their service is their ability to cater to many. Whether it’s different dietary preferences or varied food tastes, everyone has a place reserved at the Giggling Squid. The restaurant doesn’t limit excitement to just its food; it extends it to its intimately set decor and inviting ambiance. It’s worth a visit, and every guest should look forward to a unique and exceptional dining experience at the Giggling Squid.[3][4]

The Master Thai Chefs at Giggling Squid

Stepping into a Giggling Squid restaurant introduces you to a world of Thai culinary excellence. The passionate chefs, with their expert knowledge and skill of Thai cuisine, play a significant role in shaping this delightful dining experience.

Appreciating the Talented Thai Chefs Behind the Giggling Squid

Behind every flavorful dish at Giggling Squid is a talented chef, one with a deep understanding of Thai cuisine and its diverse range of ingredients. From fiery chilies and flavorful sauces to aromatic herbs and fresh produce, they incorporate authentic elements to recreate the authenticity of Thai street food in the heart of the UK.

In an interaction, one of the staff members, Pranne reveals the joy of Thai cooking. When asked about her favourite aspect of cooking Thai cuisine, she points out the vast range of ingredients and flavour combinations. Perhaps, it is this admiration for diversity and love for rich, melding flavours that reflect in the menu and the dishes served at Giggling Squid.

Blending Tradition and Innovation

At Giggling Squid, the chefs beautifully intertwine traditional Thai cooking methods with inventive culinary techniques. Each dish is crafted with care, ticking off all the elements – sweet, salty, bitter, and hot. The Crispy Pak Maew, shank massaman curry, or the ‘Crying Beef’ are all testaments to the flair and creativity of these culinary masters.

While the chefs remain true to the basics, they are not afraid to experiment, understanding the evolving palates of their customers. This balance between tradition and modernity in the kitchen results in a menu that appeals to all, regardless of dietary preferences.

The Chef’s Specials

To truly appreciate the master behind these Thai delicacies, you ought to try the chef’s special. The Penang, a scrumptious curry; the chicken and cashew stir fry, a sweet and savory delight; or the flavorful massaman curry, are all chef’s specials that have garnered rave reviews from patrons.

Every visit to Giggling Squid is distinct, introducing you to new flavors and dishes. The chefs consistently bring about their love for Thai food and adept culinary skills to the plates, promising an experience that is both enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re a Thai food fanatic or a novice to this cuisine, the talented Thai chefs behind Giggling Squid ensure your culinary journey is nothing short of spectacular.[3][4]

Giggling Squid’s Innovative Flavour Experience

Giggling Squid offers a unique experience for all those who love Thai food and are adventurous enough to delve into its diverse range of flavours and dishes.

Reviewing the Unique and Exquisite Flavours at Giggling Squid

The menu at Giggling Squid is both inclusive and diverse, catering to various dietary preferences and tastes. The beautifully presented dishes not only feed your eyes but also offer a delightful feast for your palate. From the vibrant salads to the richly spiced mains, all here promise a sensational flavour experience that Thai cuisine is renowned for.

Giggling Squid’s level of authenticity and quality are evident in each meal they serve. Each bite offers a perfect balance of sour, sweet, salty, and spicy flavours which are typical features of Thai cuisine. This is achieved through a combination of traditional Thai cooking techniques and modern culinary innovations.

The Thai chefs at Giggling Squid understand that dining is not merely about taste; it’s also about experience. They bring in that feel by carefully crafting and presenting every dish. The rich, warm colours and textures are bound to make you feast first with your eyes, setting an impressive tone for the delicious main event – the food!

Appreciating the Giggling Squid Staff

The staff at Giggling Squid contribute significantly to the overall dining experience. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and always ready to offer recommendations based on your dietary preferences or dish curiosities. Their friendly service stands out against the backdrop of the restaurant’s cozy and warm ambiance.

Final Verdict

Giggling Squid offers an appealing gateway into the diverse world of Thai cuisine. Whether you’re exploring Thai food for the first time or a regular patron, one thing is certain; the food at Giggling Squid could easily make you giggle in gastronomic delight. Experience the perfect blend of authentic Thai flavours mixed with a dash of culinary innovation at this fantastic dining venue.

From the diverse range of dishes, friendly service to the authentic Thai gastronomic experience, Giggling Squid triumphs on all fronts. Their commitment to creating a memorable dining experience is apparent in their attention to every detail, making it a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves food and wants to explore Thai cuisine.

The creative minds in the kitchen at Giggling Squid continue to raise the bar by integrating novel flavours with traditional Thai ingredients into their menu. So, if you are willing to immerse yourself in a Thai culinary adventure, look no further than Giggling Squid.[5][6]

A Glimpse of an Evening at Giggling Squid

As evening fell on a bustling day, our friend decided to take an unplanned detour to the Giggling Squid in Bath. This was not her first foray into Thai cuisine, but the rave reviews and tempting images online nudged her to give it a shot.

The Unplanned Dinner Experience at Giggling Squid

On walking in, she was captivated by the lively ambience, a pleasant mix of chatter and laughter, underscored by the aromatic whiffs of spices and herbs from the kitchen. The restaurant’s plush interior, with colourful furniture and exotic decor, complemented the warm and inviting vibes of the place.

Her solo visit kicked off with ordering a cocktail, a fitting tribute to the separate lounge and bar area of the restaurant. The fusion of sweet and bitter in her drink was as tantalising as the street food-style snacks she treated herself to next.

The staff was friendly and swift in service, replacing her empty plates with fuller ones, making sure she had a smooth dining experience. Clearly impressed and excited, she delved deeper into the Thai wonders of the Giggling Squid.

From Vegetable Massaman Curry to Jasmine rice, each dish was a discovery of unique flavours and textures. The chefs’ dedication to authenticity and innovation was evident in the menu – every item was a testament to the diversity of Thai cuisine.

The significant attention to detail in the dishes, the lively atmosphere of the restaurant, and the exemplary service all resourcefully conspired to turn her casual visit into a grand dining adventure. This unplanned dinner at Giggling Squid ended up being a memorable exploration of Thai gastronomy that evoked a keen desire to revisit and relive the experience.

Remember, it’s not just about diving into a plate of food; it’s about appreciating the culture, ingredient, and most importantly, the skilled hands that prepared it. Giggling Squid is one such place that manifests all these elements into their services, guaranteeing an exceptional Thai feast for all.[5][6]

Great Service at Giggling Squid

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and immediately felt welcome, in a place almost like home? Yes, this is the feeling one experiences at the Giggling Squid – a Thai restaurant chain known for its remarkable service and hospitality, present in various locations like Tunbridge Wells and Kent.

Highlighting the Impressive Service and Friendly Staff

From the moment you enter, you are greeted with a smile by employees who treat you more like a anticipated guest rather than just another customer. At Giggling Squid, service starts not at the table, but at the door. The combination of friendly staff and swift service creates an environment that feels genuinely cosy and welcoming.

Whether you are a regular patron or visiting for the first time, the staff’s attention to detail is consistently commendable. Empty plates are quickly replaced with delicious dishes, water glasses are always kept replete and the waiters are keen to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.

If you’re not familiar with Thai cuisine, don’t worry. Their informed staff is always at hand to guide you through the menu, explaining dishes in a friendly and understandable way. They’ll even make note of your preferences or dietary restrictions, making personalised suggestions that make your selection process easier.

Dining Experience at Giggling Squid

The Vegetable Massaman Curry and Jasmine Rice come highly recommended. Each dish delivers a medley of authentic Thai flavours, with a balance of sweetness, saltiness, and a hint of spice. Whether you are a dedicated carnivore or vegan, Giggling Squid’s diverse menu has got you covered.

When you dine at Giggling Squid, you don’t just enjoy a meal; you get a culinary journey. You are given a chance to appreciate not only the food but the culture behind it, the ingredients used, and the skilled hands that prepared it. Every visit to the Giggling Squid turns into a memorable dining experience, thanks to their great service and friendly staff.

In a nutshell, Giggling Squid is the perfect place to enjoy some classic Thai favourites, in an atmosphere where every customer is valued. So, for those looking to indulge in delectable dishes, accompanied by exceptional service, do make it a point to visit Giggling Squid.[7][8]

Location and Establishment of Giggling Squid

The Giggling Squid restaurant, nestled in the heart of the bustling city of Bath, serves as a well-loved culinary hub for locals and tourists. With the diversity of Thai cuisine on offer, it caters exceptionally well to a varied palate.

The Exquisite Locale of Giggling Squid

The Giggling Squid holds a commanding presence amidst the architectural wonder of Bath. The location perfectly embodies the city’s historical grandeur with the contemporariness of the restaurant, proving a delightful contrast for the visitors.

The restaurant building exudes an alluring charm of its own. Adorned with beautiful flower walls and big bird cages, the decor combines traditionally Thai features with a touch of modern flourish, manifesting a unique ambiance.

Inside The Giggling Squid: A Visual Delight

Stepping inside, the invitingly warm lighting welcomes you. The restaurant space, immaculately organized, is a medley of vibrant colours and stylish appointments.

A Foray into the Interior of Giggling Squid

One of the highlights of the Giggling Squid’s interiors is the separate lounge and bar area. With its chic design and comfortable seating, it serves as a perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks or a quiet evening out. The dining section, spacious and well-lit, is thoughtfully designed to provide a congenial dining experience.

No less impressive is the open kitchen setup. The transparency adds an exciting dynamic to the dining experience as you witness the chefs at work, their skilled hands moving with precision and grace as they create culinary wonders that Giggling Squid is renowned for.

In conclusion, the Giggling Squid, with its beautiful location, welcoming interiors, and commendable culinary offerings, is a must-visit for anyone in Bath. Whether you’re a Thai cuisine aficionado or a casual food lover, the Giggling Squid guarantees a dining experience filled with rich flavours, lush textures, and the warm thrill of Thai hospitality.[7][8]

Customer Experiences

The Giggling Squid restaurant chain boasts several branches, with customers attending from all over the country. Lily-May Brimson, a student from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, found the service swift, staff polite, the atmosphere homely, and the food delectable. The Vegetable Massaman Curry and Jasmine rice came highly recommended by her.

There’s a downside too, with some customers citing dissatisfaction with the Winchester branch, returning home unhappy after a recent visit. It’s been observed that the Giggling Squid in Bury St. Edmunds has removed a majority of vegan options from their menu, a definite drawback for the vegan community.

Authentic Thai Experience in Bath

Brimming with authentic Thai flavors and sophisticated ambiances, Giggling Squid in Bath has earned a reputation for providing an extraordinary dining experience. Whether it’s the meticulous presentation, the exquisite tastes, or the all-embracing service, each element contributes to a satisfyingly holistic experience.

Online Assessment

Analyzing the online reviews, the Giggling Squid holds a mixed bag of ratings. 39% of the reviewers have given it a five-star rating, citing great food and service. However, 35% had less-than-stellar experiences, giving a one-star rating, citing reasons such as limited vegan options and dissatisfaction with the food or service. The remaining reviewers’ sentiments lay in the middle.

Looking at the Overall Picture

Despite some instances of dissatisfaction, the overall satisfaction rate seems decent, with positives that include well-crafted food and quick service. The Giggling Squid might need to focus on expanding their vegan menu to accommodate the needs of vegan customers better.

Final Thoughts

The Giggling Squid in Bath offers a truly unique experience, blending exotic Thai flavors with a contemporary twist. The customer reviews, though mixed, still incline more towards the positive, which can inspire confidence in future visitors. Their ability to cater to different tastes and diets, swift service, and a warm, homely atmosphere are major strengths. Improving past negatives and catering to a broader diet spectrum could solidify their reputation further. This blend of modern and traditional, combined with delightful tastes, makes the Giggling Squid a worthwhile visit.[9][10]